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Take A Beat To Acknowledge

Musings from A Badass Hummingbird-a blog by bg

Writing has always been a creative outlet for me.  This blog is the world through my eyes.  My musings and viewpoints on my personal journey through this awesome thing called Life.  I want to share my struggles, my triumphs and my insights with you.  This is a place where I will be me.  I welcome thoughtful discussion and the opinions of others so please join in the conversation.  Oh, and the picture is one of my tattoos.  Hummingbirds have been showing up all around me ever since I decided to go after the balanced, healthy and authentic life I have always wanted.  They do the impossible and defy the laws of physics.  I find great inspiration in the hummingbird and I strive to do the impossible every day for myself.  

Take A Beat To Acknowledge

Brooke Giguere

'Holy Shit! I did it.  I just gave my first workshop and it was sooooo much fun!’  


I'm in my car, driving home from the event and that thought pops into my head. I grin and turn up the radio to jam out for a second.  But before I can even get the thought out of my head, my phone dings. It's my Google Calendar alerting me to my next agenda item for the day. My afternoon is packed with writing, planning new workshops, and this new marketing course.  There is always more to do when you are chasing your dream life.  Goals upon goals.  Action items fill my calendar.  Once one item is complete it's on to the next. But how often on our path toward a large goal do we take time out to celebrate our successes? Big or small?  


I'm in the middle of one of the largest undertakings of my life.  Doing new things I have never done before. Pushing my boundaries. Looking at my comfort zones and stepping outside of them with conviction. With that comes the amazing sense of obligation to succeed.  To create.  To find a way when there is no way.  But I am the type of person who requires reflection to understand how far I have come along. In the middle of my happiness for this one accomplishment I wondered if I was taking the time to really enjoy it. Was I allowing myself time to celebrate my new success before moving on to the next task on my goal list?


I am so driven with so much that I want to do. Which is all good and so beautiful. But if I never stop to acknowledge and celebrate my successes along the way, what is that about?!  I sure as hell am good at noticing when I fuck up or when things fall apart. So why not take the same amount of time, if not more, to celebrate when things go well?  


So I ignored my calendar and drove to my local tequila bar, Pure Taqueria.  I was going to enjoy this success. I walked in and was instantly greeted by friends. My heart smiled as I sat down at the bar.  Ordered myself a skinny margarita and a shot of pineapple tequila and relaxed into the new bliss of accomplishment.  I reflected on what I learned and noted areas where I want to grow.  I gave myself some much needed praise for a job well done.  As I sipped on my margarita I allowed myself a moment of appreciation for this new notch in my belt.  Felt great. Felt beyond great. It also felt really good to put a hold on the other business tasks for a moment and just enjoy this new found growth.  I can be super hard on myself.  Sometimes I neglect giving myself praise but I am becoming more aware every day.  I see more opportunities to take a beat and to acknowledge where I am growing.  Where I am succeeding.  I am worthy of some self recognition.  We all are.  


Where are you forgetting to acknowledge the successes you are creating along the way?  Some days it’s the simple success of getting through your “To Do” list.  Other days it’s the success of getting to the gym.  Or maybe it’s the big success of losing those last 5 pounds and having more energy!  Whatever it may be, big or small and everything in between, notice them.  Take a beat to acknowledge and celebrate your successes along the way.  You deserve it and you sure as hell earned it.


Leave your comments below.  I love to hear what your successes are in life at the moment.  Tell me how you are choosing to celebrate them too!  


Love and light to you badasses…