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word on the street is...

My coach, Brooke, helped me learn how to put energy into being present and showing up 100% for MYSELF! My coaching experience taught me how to process what I was learning into something I could use to identify the next action step. Then, Brooke challenged me to be very specific with my goal and identify all possible barriers and solutions to those barriers so I set myself up for success. Making good choices comes easier with a solid foundation of highly conscious living. Overall, Brooke helped me learn to love and trust myself. I now know, I have everything I need already within me to be successful in whatever I pursue.”-Jen Rombalski, MPH, RN, Health Director--La Crosse County

"I found Brooke's life coaching sessions to be transformative and enlightening. After only a few short months working with her I found that my productivity had increased and I became more focused on my goals. More than just identifying my goals, Brooke helped me accomplish them by giving me the coaching tools and benchmarks that allowed me to accomplish my objectives and come out the other end successful and satisfied with the outcome. In the moment and in hindsight, I found my time with Brooke to be helpful and valuable and would highly recommend her to anyone looking to increase performance in their business life and/or in their personal life."-Alphonzo Cross, Brand Instigator at Quintessential, LLC

"Brooke is a naturally gifted coach. She is tremendously empathetic and warm, and has a wonderful ability to connect with her clients and set them at ease. She listens at a deep level and is able to gain keen insights from what is said. She challenges her clients to question beliefs and assumptions that hold them back, then helps them see fresh perspectives and define new paradigms. She works thoughtfully with her clients to help them create a clear vision of the life they want, and supports them as they work to achieve it. I’m fortunate to have had the opportunity to be coached by Brooke; she has helped me achieve several breakthroughs in my business and personal life. If you are interested in making positive changes in your life, and willing to do the necessary work, Brooke can help you create the success you deserve."-Kate Beavin, M.Ed., CPLP, SPHR

"Brooke has tremendous energy to make you make the best of you. Our sessions were both therapeutic & @#$-kicking for me. I've recommended her to numerous friends who want to fine more fulfillment and calm. She rocks!" -Jade Doyle, M.Ed.

"Brooke has coached me on several occasions- and she has helped me tremendously. What I love about Brooke is her ability to ask amazing questions, helping me to figure out what I truly want, and helping me identify what is preventing me from getting there. Her intuitive listening skills are beyond compare. She is supportive but equally challenging. Whatever you may be looking to accomplish, I wholeheartedly recommend hiring her as you coach."- Jon Tasch, Leadership and Life Strategist, Keynote Speaker

"I have had the pleasure of working with Brooke as my coach for almost a year. She has helped me navigate through some unsettling life situations and get clarity on some of my biggest hesitations and fears. She demonstrated a very keen awareness of my concerns and worked skillfully to help me move past my emotional blocks. I felt comforted, listened to and fully supported through the entire coaching process. I would recommend Brooke, without hesitation, to anyone seeking to gain clarity, identify and reach their goals and find their true passion in life. I also believe her training and background in social work uniquely prepares her as a coach. She is a talented and insightful coach who has made an extremely positive impact on my life."- Rachel Levy, CPC and Founder of LaserSharp Coaching, LLC