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Reflect, Review and then...DO YOU!

Musings from A Badass Hummingbird-a blog by bg

Writing has always been a creative outlet for me.  This blog is the world through my eyes.  My musings and viewpoints on my personal journey through this awesome thing called Life.  I want to share my struggles, my triumphs and my insights with you.  This is a place where I will be me.  I welcome thoughtful discussion and the opinions of others so please join in the conversation.  Oh, and the picture is one of my tattoos.  Hummingbirds have been showing up all around me ever since I decided to go after the balanced, healthy and authentic life I have always wanted.  They do the impossible and defy the laws of physics.  I find great inspiration in the hummingbird and I strive to do the impossible every day for myself.  

Reflect, Review and then...DO YOU!

Brooke Giguere

It's about that time...a new year is awaiting us! This can be an exciting time or a scary time but the choice is always yours.  I say let's make it an exciting time...a time to reflect on the past year and a time to review what we have accomplished so we can set ourselves up for badass success in 2017.  I send these questions out to my clients and friends as a way for us to look back on the last 365 in an open, honest and non judgmental way.  


You are driven.  You are ambitious.  You are going after the life you want.  So give yourself some time and space as you answer these questions.  This isn't about beating yourself up over things that didn't happen.  We don't do blame around here.  We do honest, no judgment reflection because we know we have what it takes to create our dream life.  We take responsibility for ourselves and we move forward in positive action.  You deserve to give yourself a running start for the new year and this will help you do just that.  


Spend some time reflecting on these three questions as this year comes to a close. Write your thoughts and responses. Pay attention to what comes up for you and then create your Guidelines to Live by for the New Year ahead.

1. What did you make of yourself this year?
2. What small steps did you take this year that need to be acknowledged?
3. What lessons did you learn this year?

“In school, you get the lesson and then take the test. In life, you take the test and then get the lesson" -unknown

We sometimes forget to acknowledge our journey and steps along the way as we embark upon a dream or goal. Success is not defined by reaching the end but by seeing each step along the way and learning from the process of the journey.  Take your responses to the above questions and formulate some new guidelines for the coming year. How do you want to show up? With the lessons you have learned, what new way are you going to approach life/business/family/health?

Remember, you are in charge of where you will go in the new year and when we set our sights on our Vision, we create momentum and accountability.  


Want to talk about what insights you’ve had? Interested in having some guidance and help to achieve those goals for the New Year? Reach out to me and let’s connect! I’m here for you!


No one is you and that is your Power.  

Happy New Year! Go forth and kick ass my loves!