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Why do you get out of bed every day?  What the hell is your motivation?  

In the past, I asked myself these questions daily but totally ignored my heart's reply.   I played the game and went along with the crowd. Following the path I thought was my destiny.  Get that degree.  Find husband.  Start a career.  Be happy.  But I felt no passion, no inspiration.  Sure I loved my work and helping people but I lost my spark and my life felt dull.  Not to mention my health was shit.  Time marched right on over me and before I knew it, I was working a full time job, overweight and simply surviving my life.  The pain of being unhealthy and out of balance was daunting and so was working in a career that was stifling my creativity and inspiration.  But I took ZERO responsibility for my feelings, thoughts, and actions.  Cue tiny violin music...It was one hell of a vicious cycle. 

And then, I woke the fuck up.

I ran out of excuses and I realized the most amazing thing...I had the power to change.  I possessed the power to take ownership of my thoughts and feelings and choose my actions. And that is exactly what I did.  I took a long hard look at my life and decided my health was number one on my priority list, soon to be followed by my search for my True Passion and eventual career change. I began working out, trying new things from running (which I now know I loathe) to yoga and anything in between. I started educating myself on what to eat and began journaling my new found knowledge. I was nourishing my mind through books and meditation as well.  It was thrilling and insanely empowering. I began to love my body! Who knew??  Then came the shift for my career when I sought out a way to still help those around me but in a way that let me shine.  I went back to school and eventually left my corporate 9-5 for the life of an entrepreneur. Best. Decision.  Ever.  

So here I am, 5 years later, still thriving.  I am redefining a life made for my authentic self and my journey has been one of love, laughter, tears and peace. And it continues. I get to be a badass, healthy, vivacious and awesome woman who hustles after her dreams and passions.  Now it's your turn.    



            Coaching has to be the most amazing and powerful way I have found to help those around me.  I absolutely love what I do! My greatest desire is to work with Clients who are ready for sustainable change and are willing to dive deep, face their fears head on and create the life they have always wanted for themselves.  We are in control and we have the power to change.  Coaching will aide you through that process and I am here to guide you every step of the way.  So let's get this party started shall we??

            Brooke Giguere is a Certified Professional Coach, Energy Leadership Index Master Practitioner and Certified Infinite Possibilities Trainer.  She currently enjoys helping soul centered creative types with procrastinating and time management skills so they get unstuck and take massive action to achieve their goals. Her professional career began as a social worker with experience ranging from adoptions to medical social work. She is a Licensed Master Social Worker and Accredited Case Manager with over 10 years in the acute care hospital setting. Brooke has the unique ability to marry her social work background and her love of coaching in a way that helps support her clients unlike any other.  Her passion and purpose is to help herself and others create the vibrant, balanced lives we only dare to dream about!