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I help people unfuck themselves. 

Yup, you heard me.  

Most days we’re on autopilot.  Doing the same things over and over again.  Acting the same way we've always acted. And we wonder why the hell we are stuck.  We get little blips along the way when we are inspired to create change in our life but then our subconscious mind takes over and we stall out.   We procrastinate and avoid.  I think you get what I mean when I say procrastination but avoidance is sneaky.  We avoid making decisions. We avoid having that conversation with our partner or our kid or our coworker.  We avoid confrontation.  My clients come to me because they deal with procrastination and time management issues but really all that is is avoidance in one form or another.

 Trust me, I've been there.  I can procrastinate like no other.  

In the past, I wondered why I was so stuck on the daily but totally ignored my heart's reply.   I played the game and went along with the crowd.  Following the path I thought was my destiny.  Get that degree.  Find husband.  Start a career.  Be happy.  But I felt no passion, no inspiration.  My vibe was off.  Sure I loved my work and helping people but I lost my spark and my life felt dull.  Not to mention my health was shit.  Time marched right on over me and before I knew it, I was working a full time job, overweight and simply surviving my life.  The pain of being unhealthy and out of balance was daunting and so was working in a career that was stifling my creativity and inspiration.  But I took ZERO responsibility for my feelings, thoughts, and actions.  I was avoiding the hell out of my life.  Cue tiny violin music...

And then I woke the fuck up.

I ran out of excuses and I realized was up to me to change and I had the power to do it.  I possessed the power to take ownership of my thoughts and feelings and choose my actions.  And that is exactly what I did.  I took a long hard look at my life and decided my health was number one on my priority list, soon to be followed by my search for what really mattered to me and my eventual career change.  I was nourishing my mind through books and meditation as well.  It was thrilling and insanely empowering. I began to love my journey! Who knew??  Then came the shift for my career when I sought out a way to still help those around me but in a way that let me shine.  I went back to school and eventually left my corporate 9-5 for the life of an entrepreneur. Best. Decision. Ever.  



If you're reading this, then you get it.  People like you are tired of the status quo and you're interested in personal growth and development.  You see a huge benefit to approaching change through your energy and mindset.  This world is brimming with incredible talent, innovative minds and kick ass small business entrepreneurs.  Those people see their success but are hungry to keep growing, keep achieving and take it to the next level.  Energy and Mindset coaching helps them achieve that much faster and with less stress.  I get to help people unfuck their vibe and mindset every day.  Nothing could be sweeter.  


            Brooke Giguere is a Certified Professional Coach, Energy Leadership Index Master Practitioner and Certified Infinite Possibilities Trainer.  She helps creative entrepreneurs identify how they are showing up energetically when life is going like it usually does for them, then identify how they show up energetically under stress and then the real magic moment is identifying the key pattern that is creating their self sabotage.  It’s like a big “Aha!” moment and that’s when the fun begins.