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Some Days Ya Got It, Some Days Ya Don't....

Musings from A Badass Hummingbird-a blog by bg

Writing has always been a creative outlet for me.  This blog is the world through my eyes.  My musings and viewpoints on my personal journey through this awesome thing called Life.  I want to share my struggles, my triumphs and my insights with you.  This is a place where I will be me.  I welcome thoughtful discussion and the opinions of others so please join in the conversation.  Oh, and the picture is one of my tattoos.  Hummingbirds have been showing up all around me ever since I decided to go after the balanced, healthy and authentic life I have always wanted.  They do the impossible and defy the laws of physics.  I find great inspiration in the hummingbird and I strive to do the impossible every day for myself.  

Some Days Ya Got It, Some Days Ya Don't....

Brooke Giguere

“Success is the ability to go from failure to failure without losing your enthusiasm.” -Winston Churchill


Ol’ Mr. Churchill got my attention with that nugget of wisdom a few years back.  Some days I have intense enthusiasm. Others I want to stay under the covers and wait.  I put that quote on my desk in my home office when I started my business as a reminder to myself. So with the waxing and waning of my enthusiasm that is occurring these days, what gives? Wonder how I can achieve minimal to zero loss of enthusiasm? Hell, I want to be enthusiastic each day. 


I'm giving this a lot of thought because I feel the importance of perseverance on a daily basis. I desire enthusiasm daily.  I have goals and dreams afterall.  I have chosen to pursue this life full throttle and that requires my enthusiasm. Although some days my enthusiasm may be less than I hope, I say the point is to still find it for the sake of my dreams.  No matter how big or small.  And grab that shit with both hands so I can flow!!


For those days like today when my enthusiasm feels lower I'm having to dig a little deeper.  It happens to all of us.  We feel run down or overloaded or maybe just having a bad moment.  That’s life though.  The ebb and flow of constant change in our environment.  It’s natural.  So how do I keep my enthusiasm going on a day like today?  I mean, I have a business to build not to mention an amazing life to create and enjoy. I’m not talking about creating false feelings of joy and happiness either.  I’m all about allowing the 'what is’ of life to come and be but I'm also about not allowing those moments to overtake me.  This is about understanding what creates our enthusiasm and how we can tap into it more often, especially on those days that present obstacles.  


I think our enthusiasm to keep going down the path is directly related to the clarity of our vision for our life. The vision of what we are aiming to accomplish.  I talk about this with my clients all the time.  Without vision, we perish.  Without an idea of why we are creating goals and dreams, what’s the point?  And without that vision, so too will your enthusiasm wither away.  I wrote my vision for my life and business a couple of years ago and I tweak it when needed but it's essence remains in tact.  My vision is to have a life full of love and joy, fun and adventure, health and prosperity. I want financial freedom and I want to serve others so profoundly it leaves this world a better place.  I wrote my vision down in a notebook I named 'Where Passion and Purpose Unite'.  So on these days where my enthusiasm is less than, I have committed to reading my Vision and reconnecting with my greater 'Why'.  I tap back into the whole reason I want this life.  I spend time reviewing my Vision board.  I feel the feelings this vision brings and I let them flow through my entire being.  I meditate on my greater purpose. I find my connection to my enthusiasm. 


To be honest, I think we can do this in every area of life.  If we create a vision for our health, our relationships, our business or career, we have something to ground us back to our purpose.  If we want change, we create a vision and then we revisit this vision often, daily even, to sustain our enthusiasm. 


Where are you lacking enthusiasm in your life?  Is it an area that you say you want change? I want to hear your thoughts so leave me a comment below and tell me all about it.  Let’s support each other as we find our enthusiasm for our goals.