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Musings from A Badass Hummingbird-a blog by bg

Writing has always been a creative outlet for me.  This blog is the world through my eyes.  My musings and viewpoints on my personal journey through this awesome thing called Life.  I want to share my struggles, my triumphs and my insights with you.  This is a place where I will be me.  I welcome thoughtful discussion and the opinions of others so please join in the conversation.  Oh, and the picture is one of my tattoos.  Hummingbirds have been showing up all around me ever since I decided to go after the balanced, healthy and authentic life I have always wanted.  They do the impossible and defy the laws of physics.  I find great inspiration in the hummingbird and I strive to do the impossible every day for myself.  

Take A Beat To Acknowledge

Brooke Giguere

I'm in my car, driving home from the event and that thought pops into my head. I grin and turn up the radio to jam out for a second.  But before I can even get the thought out of my head, my phone dings. It's my Google Calendar alerting me to my next agenda item for the day. My afternoon is packed with writing, planning new workshops, and this new marketing course.  There is always more to do when you are chasing your dream life.  Goals upon goals.  Action items fill my calendar.  Once one item is complete it's on to the next. But how often on our path toward a large goal do we take time out to celebrate our successes? Big or small?  

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Some Days Ya Got It, Some Days Ya Don't....

Brooke Giguere

“Success is the ability to go from failure to failure without losing your enthusiasm.” -Winston Churchill


Ol’ Mr. Churchill got my attention with that nugget of wisdom a few years back.  Some days I have intense enthusiasm. Others I want to stay under the covers and wait. 

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